The idea for Interior-Planet was born after years of writing for Interior design;  a part of my work as a textile and interior designer I endlessly enjoy. I imagined Interior planet as a place where I can communicate my visions and ideas, and hopefully,  fill blank spaces in your homes that are waiting for more inspiration, more time, better days.

Through my work and my obsession with design, I’ve learned that the design process is ever-growing and always evolving; it evolves with our lives, our environment, our personalities, our age, and our habits. The way we implement the design in our lives, in functional or aesthetic manners,  shows not only our style but who we are and who we aim to be.

Even though we change and our lives change, there is always an authentic line infused in every space we live in.  That line tends to remain the same and survive all currents and winds. I enjoy seeing that little trace in people’s homes, and very often, I use it as a guiding light through my projects.

My hopes and goals for Interior planet, are to feed and nurture your authenticity.   


Petra Bezic

Petra works as an interior designer and an interior design writer from Sunshine Coast, Australia, where she lives with her husband and two kids.  


For business inquires please email to info@interior-planet.com

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